Hi, I’m Alexandre Kirillov 👋

A front-end developer living and working in San Francisco. Have a huge passion for reducing the gap between designers and developers through design thinking, prototyping and pixel perfect UIs built with JavaScript, React, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3.

Being a third culture kid, I’ve spent the first decade and a half of my life in Russia, England, France, United States, Canada and Japan. Lived in Japan for around 20 years and then moved to San Francisco in 2016 for a dream job at Strava :)

I push code to GitHub, upload photos to Instagram, upload cycling activities to Strava and my work related details on LinkedIn. Back in the day I used to collect images on Tumblr as well.

Here’s “a bit about the past” blog post where I talk a bit about what I did before becoming a front-end developer.